Meet Kyle.

My name is Kyle Fuller and I am the proud owner of Divine Your Space, an urban home and garden boutique in the making for years.  I have always appreciated small business, learning and supporting them, and keeping myself surrounded by all the things I love most, plants and design.
Lucky enough to grow up in the small town of Abbeville, SC, I never grew tired of being surrounded by its charm. Much of my childhood was spent around plants, planting gardens and experimenting with landscaping.  My mother had much influence, introducing me to the vast variety of plants and simple pleasure of gardening. This experience lead me to my first job, working for Dr. Rosenberg and his wonderful wife, Edith, taking care of their yard and helping them plant annuals, perennials, and even the occasional tropic.
While attending Lander University for business, I worked at a locally owned nursery in Greenwood, SC.  This not only contributed to my growing knowledge of plants but allowed me to gain valuable experiences in business ownership.  After graduating from Lander, I sought a career in business.  While I enjoyed many aspects of my positions in the corporate world, I always felt there was something missing.  Shortly after, I went back to school to complete my Masters in hopes of growing professionally in the corporate world, but something was still missing.  It wasn’t until I developed the plan for Divine, that I found that missing piece, that missing passion.  It was clear when, one day, my partner forwarded me an email from 2014.   It was a forgotten business start-up budget.  It was that day it clicked, and I decided that this dream and passion couldn't be ignored any longer.
It was then that Divine became a reality, all in hopes of defining and creating something great.  This is becoming a reality thanks, wholeheartedly, to the support of my family, friends, and partner.  It is my hope that my passion, and the brand that passion built, will bring you an experience of joy!  
kyle white.jpg
With all of that, welcome to Divine Your Space!  Stop in to browse, attend a workshop, or just for a visit.  I look forward to meeting you.